Growing up as children of a celebrity ventriloquist, family problems regularly become front page fodder. Especially when your parent is a national joke. Burned by the glare of the spotlight, Teddy is a recluse, his only companion the dummy on his arm. But when his sister Dolly has a meltdown live on children’s television, the family home receives a couple of new house guests. One of them wooden. Throwing tantrums as well as voices, the whole family take to the stage. But which dummy is in control? From Peter Dunne, writer of This Year’s Girl, Eerie, Inhabitance and BROADENING, comes a dark hearted comedy about guilt, trauma and ventriloquism sure to set tongues wagging.

“Unnerving, disturbing, thoughtprovoking; this is new writing at its best.” Irish Theatre Magazine for BROADENING by Peter Dunne

Contains adult themes.

Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of Dublin Fringe Festival.