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EUROPOLY at Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016

14 September 2016

EUROPOLY at Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016

This year, Tiger Dublin Fringe is proudly participating in EUROPOLY; a project in which artists document the new rules of the game since the financial crisis rattled Europe. EUROPOLY is a project of the Goethe-Instituts in Europe in cooperation with the Münchner Kammerspiele, Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), Sirenos – Vilnius Interational Theatre Festival, Teatro Maria Matos (Lisbon) and Tiger Dublin Fringe. Through two performances and a series of films, both Irish and international artists will tell stories of how the crisis in Europe has stamped our everyday lives.

Brokentalkers’ This Beach, running at Project Arts Centre until Sep 17, is a response to the current refugee crisis gripping Europe. Written as a satirical narrative, the piece documents a European family who are the owners of a private beach on which the threat of ‘invasion’ looms large. As they seek to protect their own dominion, their fears and prejudices come to the fore.

Monday: Watch Out for the Right! is the first of Cláudia Dias’ seven performances to be performed over the next seven years. Taking place in the historic National Stadium in the Ringside Bar, Dias reconstructs the space of a boxing arena to reveal an instance in which opponents meet as equals. The dual between the pair provides a moments of liberation from the oppression they experience outside of the boxing arena.

On Sep 19 in Filmbase, a series of seven European artists will present Short Films Exploring a Transforming Europe. These films will document the transformation of the Old World into a new one, exploring ties to a physical home-place as well as questioning ideas of nationhood and what we choose to look away from.

Tiger Dublin Fringe is delighted to participate in EUROPOLY, an innovative theatre and film project that presents subjective, but specific experiences that touch us all and explore the problems of the world we live in; providing us with a lens through which to view the events that shape our habits, perspectives and actions. 

This Beach, Monday: Watch Out for the Right! and Short Films Exploring a Transforming Europe are presented as part of EUROPOLY at Tiger Dublin Fringe in cooperation with the Goethe Institut Irland.

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