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First Fringe 2017 shows announced!

01 March 2017

 First Fringe 2017 shows announced! 

We can barely contain ourselves...we're so excited to announce the first two shows of Dublin Fringe Festival 2017. Tomboy Survival Guide and The Shitstorm take to the Peacock stage at the Abbey Theatre this September. 

Tomboy Survival Guide

Tomboy Survival Guide is part anthem, part campfire story, and part instructions for the dismantling of the gender stories we tell. Ivan Coyote navigates the narrow halls of public washrooms, skirts the treachery of growing up under the threat of being picked to be a flower girl, triumphs over tying a double Windsor knot, and discovers the beauty in realising they were handsome all along.

Ivan and their all-tomboy band - Sally Zori, Pebbles Willekes and Alison Gorman - blend story, music and memory in a fearless, wry-humoured and tender insight into gender issues, defying the norm and finding your identity.

Check out Ivan's TED talk about why we need gender neutral bathrooms here.

21 - 23 September 2017. Co-presented by the Abbey Theatre and Dublin Fringe Festival.

The Shitstorm

A hallucinogenic West Kerry riff on The Tempest by Simon Doyle, directed by Maeve Stone.

Miranda’s been stuck on the island with her dad Prospero and things have been pretty bad. When the storm hits it’s time for a new girl at the microphone.

9 - 16 September 2017. Co-produced by the Abbey Theatre and Dublin Fringe Festival.

Check out the Abbey Theatre website for more details of their 2017 Peacock programme.

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