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Five Quick Questions: A Sinkhole in Guatemala

14 September 2016

Five Quick Questions: A Sinkhole in Guatemala

From Sep 20 - 24, visual artist and performance maker Sarah Gordon's A Sinkhole in Guatemala will run at The New Theatre. We asked Gordon #FiveQuickQuestions about the play which asks, "How can you win the game when you've lost the rules?"

1. Describe your show in five words.

Laughing. Logic. Love. Loss. Limes.

2. Can you tell us a little bit about the title of your piece?

It comes from a news story.

3. What three things do you want audience members to take away from the show?

A story, an understanding, and all their personal belongings.

They can take anything but the chairs – we need them.

4. What has been the best part about making A Sinkhole in Guatemala?

Working with brilliant people. Finding things I thought I’d lost.

5. Are there any other shows in Tiger Dublin Fringe that you’re hoping to see?

This Beach by Brokentalkers. Hope Hunt by Oona Doherty. The Perfect Wagner Rite by Aoibheann Greenan. Override by Stacey Gregg. All the Show in a Bag performances, especially To Hell in a Handbag and Looking Deadly.

FRINGE NOW: A Sinkhole in Guatemala runs from Sep 20 - 24 in The New Theatre and tickets are available from €11 here

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