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Five Quick Questions: Dysmorphin’ Time

17 September 2016

Five Quick Questions: Dysmorphin’ Time

We asked Davey Reilly #FiveQuickQuestions about his show, Dysmorphin' Time!, which explores his issues with eating and body dysmorphia and runs at The Stag's Head from September 19 - 24.

1. Describe your show in 5 words.

Comedy about food, masculinity, duvets.

2. How did Dysmorphin’ Time come into being?

I mentioned BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) online and started getting messages from people saying they also suffer from it but had also never been able to talk about it. I decided to then write the show in the hope that by discussing my experiences, other people might feel less awkward or embarrassed about their own.

3. What would you like audience members to take away from this show?

Ideally, a better understanding of body image and food issues, as well as hopefully a distrust of masculinity and gender expectations.

4. What has been the best part about making this show?

People telling me after shows that they can relate to the topics and appreciate them being discussed publicly. Also, being more comfortable talking about my own experiences.

5. Are there any other shows you’re excited to see at Tiger Dublin Fringe?

There are quite a few actually. The Alison Spittle Show, Nautilus, Jinkx Monsoon in The Vaudevillians, The Aeneid, and Low Lying are the ones I'm hoping to get to. I saw Mimes in Time in Edinburgh and can highly recommend it too.

FRINGE NOW: Dysmorphin' Time! runs at The Stag's Head from Sep 10 - 24 and tickets are available from €11 here

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