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Five Quick Questions: George Bush and Children

16 August 2016

Five Quick Questions: George Bush and Children

George Bush and Children runs from September 10 - 17 at Project Arts Centre and dramatises the world of topical talkshows, transforming them into theatrical experiences not to be missed. The piece is co-presented by Dick Walsh and Pan Pan. We asked Walsh #FiveQuickQuestions about what's in store for audience members.

1. Describe George Bush and Children in 5 words.

Topical talkshows transcribed and theatricalized

2. What inspired you to make the show?

I started making this show whilst working on the Americanitis project with Pan Pan which was a project that looked at theatre from all areas and ages. I saw topical talkshows as a particular genre of theatre that had developed its own unique language outside of conventional theatre spaces. And I wanted to see what would happen if I reintroduced it to a traditional theatre space.

3. What are you most excited about with this show?

I’m excited about the actors I’m working with. I’ve kept it top secret from them where exactly the texts have come from. So they have to approach it as a script in the traditional sense. What I’m starting to see in rehearsals is how much feeling is present in the language which was originally spoken in a kind of formal or disinterested manner on TV and how important feeling is to the theatre of these shows.

4. What can audience members expect to see?

They can expect to see a genuine theatrical experiment. We are using all the tools of theatre to explore these texts. Especially the actors who have learnt these lines verbatim and are presenting them to us, exactly as spoken (all the 'ums' and 'ahs' and bad grammar included) but with their own unique feeling and personality.

5. Are there any other shows in Tiger Dublin Fringe that you’re excited to see?

The photos from This Beach looks exciting, Aoife McAtamney’s Age of Transition, RAK's Fist Pump and Jane Deasy’s KAPERLAK and loads loads more…

VIDEO: Watch Dick Walsh explaining the concept behind George Bush and Children here.

FRINGE NOW: George Bush and Children runs in Project Arts Centre CUBE from September 10 - 17. Tickets are available from €11 and can be purchased here.

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