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Five Quick Questions: Goulash Disko

10 August 2016

Five Quick Questions: Goulash Disko

Goulash Disko will be performing in the Spiegeltent on September 25 and the show will be Tiger Dublin Fringe's closing party. We sat down with producer Kamil Chechlacz to get some insider info on what we can expect on the night.

1. Describe Goulash Disko in 5 words.

Party. Mad. Happiness. Sweat. Smiles.

2. What goes into preparing a show of this scale?

Everything you’ve got and it is pure pleasure.

3. What does it mean for Goulash Disko to be a part of the 2016 Tiger Dublin Fringe line-up?

It means that Fringe is now complete.

4. What kind of person would enjoy this show?

A person that thinks of the world as a place for everyone, open to exploration and happy to be on a dance floor.

5. What other shows are you looking forward to seeing in Tiger Dublin Fringe?

I want to see everything, this is Fringe! Go explore!

VIDEO: Check out some Goulash Disko highlights here.

FRINGE NOW: Come to Goulash Disko in the Spiegeltent @ Merrion Square, September 25. Tickets are €18 and available here

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