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Five Quick Questions: ICH LIEBE DICH CABARET!

22 September 2016

Five Quick Questions: ICH LIEBE DICH CABARET!

On September 24, Film Fatale will present ICH LIEBE DICH CABARET! in our Spiegeltent @ Merrion Square, offering two hours of non-stop cabaret performances. We sat down with producer, Anna Taylor, to ask her #FiveQuickQuestions about the show which promises to transfix audience members with all the decadent hedonism of 1930s Berlin.

1. Describe ICH LIEBE DICH CABARET! in 5 words.

A Tardis to 1930's Berlin.

2. What can audience members expect to see when they come to see the show?

ICH LIEBE DICH CABARET! is Film Fatale’s vision of the early days of the Spiegeltent and the 1930s Berlin cabaret scene. All the performers are in 1930's Berlin and don’t you tell them otherwise! It will have a raucous audience, naughty hilarious performers, a little bit of hedonism, lewd behaviour, more than a few flashes of skin and over 2 hours of non-stop performances.

3. What does it mean to have this show in Tiger Dublin Fringe?

Our great thrill in life is trying to recreate the magic of a place and time and the Spiegeltent is pure magic - it’s been on our bucket list for years. It’s not just the amazing venue, the Fringe Team are a breath of fresh air and they create a platform to try new things and grow and lure new audiences into the world of cabaret and vintage.

4. What is the rehearsal process like for ICH LIEBE DICH CABARET?

We have 5 singers, 2 dance troupes, a gaggle of solo performers and more sequins than RuPaul's Drag race. We’ve over 2 hours of non-stop performances mixing live music and dancing which means keeping a tight ship while maintaining the feel of 1930s cabaret anarchy. There’s classic cabaret, aerial dancing, traditional and avant garde burlesque and dance ensembles set to a soundtrack of hot jazz, cabaret solos and modern-era songs with a bygone era twist. Our house band - Jess Kavanagh and the Tin Pan Alley Cats - are the backbone of everything and anyone in the audience who hasn’t seen them before will fall in love.

5. What other Tiger Dublin Fringe rouse your curiosity? 

RIOT, Hot Brown Honey (seen and loved), The Vaudevillians, The Humours of Bandon, Black Pitch, Pitch Black, Late Night TV Talk Show, The Perfect Wagner Rite.

FRINGE NOW: ICH LIEBE DICH CABARET! is taking place in the Spiegeltent @ Merrion Square on Sep 24, with tickets priced at €28 and available here

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