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Five Quick Questions: RIOT

08 August 2016

Five Quick Questions: RIOT

We caught up with the directors of THISISPOPBABY, Phillip McMahon and Jenny Jennings to talk all things RIOT and to find out more about what exactly they have in store for their Tiger Dublin Fringe extravaganza. 

1. Describe RIOT in 5 words.

Get Your Dancing Shoes On. 

2. RIOT looks like one giant party, but what goes into preparing for a show like this? 

Rehearsals are a lot of fun, but they take on a mathematical quality too. We’re obsessed with figuring out the science of what it takes to create a good time. We have laboured over this show for a couple of years so that the 90 minutes that the audiences sees is seamless and proper exciting. That said, with this cast of thirteen, there are a lot of wow moments in the rehearsal room, and belly laughs are mandatory.

3. Apart from being an anniversary show for THISISPOPBABY, why is RIOT being made in 2016?

We’ve been working through themes of RIOT and revolution. Partly because of the centenary year but also in response to what is happening globally. We have been talking about the role of the artist as revolutionary and about active citizenship – tiny acts of every day rebellion. It’s a fun way to anchor the chaotic mix of sublime performers we’ve assembled. RIOT is all about now, so we’re putting it on … NOW. 

4. What does it mean to have your show in Tiger Dublin Fringe?

We are thrilled to be celebrating ten years of THISISPOPBABY and ten years at Dublin Fringe this year. It’s a bumper anniversary year for us, so we are pulling out all the stops for our most explosive show to date. 

5. What other shows are you guys looking forward to seeing in Tiger Dublin Fringe?

It’s a bumper programme, and what we get most excited about is the newcomers. We remember that feeling of putting on your first show. Ours was ‘Danny & Chatelle (still here)’ which went on to win Spirit of the Fringe. That first outing is so full of possibilities and raw passion. 

VIDEO: Director Jenny Jennings tells more RIOT secrets here.

FRINGE NOW: See RIOT at the Spiegeltent @ Merrion Square, Sep 14 – 25. Tickets from €23 here.

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