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Five Quick Questions: The Aeneid

24 August 2016

Five Quick Questions: The Aeneid

Dan Colley of Collapsing Horse theatre company returns to Fringe this year with The Aeneid. We're asking him #FiveQuickQuestions to figure out his motivations for reimagining this epic tale. 

1. Describe your show using 5 words.

Exhilarating, funny, epic, low-fi and whatever the word for that strange feeling after waking up from a dream is.

2. What is the relevancy of this work in 2016?

It’s a sideways, irreverent take on pageantry and origin stories, so for the year that’s in it - 2016 and all - it will resonate with an audience who’re asking; "what was all that about?" But it has a broader reach than just this year and this place – it’s about the stories we tell ourselves and why we tell them.

3. What goes into the preparation of a show like this?

We work as a devising ensemble so I, as director, will set up an improvisation for the actors and musicians. I’ll give them characters, motivation and a situation and then they’ll improvise a scene around that. I love working like that because it’s a process of constant discovery. It’s just so delightful when characters, story and colour start to emerge as if out of nowhere. 

4. What can audience members expect to see?

You’ll see an exuberant, hilarious and thought-provoking play about a group of people who are charged with keeping the origin myth of their city alive, by performing it every day. You'll see the one person in the group who starts to have doubts about it. You’ll go on an epic journey; helping to create the illusion and not even leave your seat!

5. What does it mean to be part of the Tiger Dublin Fringe line-up?

It’s a chance to be a part of a smorgasbord of hot, exciting, ambitious talent all making new work, all reaching for something that could be just beyond our reach. It’s a time when audiences raise their game and take risks and that is the ideal audience for us - people who want to be entertained, provoked and expect to be surprised. I'm looking forward to Gays Against the Free State!, Foil Arms and Hog with their show DoomDah, and Hot Brown Honey

FRINGE NOW: The Aeneid runs at Smock Alley Theatre from September 14 - 24 and tickets are available from €11 here

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