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Five Quick Questions: Wrongheaded

16 September 2016

Five Quick Questions: Wrongheaded

Liz Roche's Wrongheaded is a dancer's response to the 8th amendment and brings together dance, film and spoken word poetry, running as part of a double bill alongside Oona Doherty's Hope Hunt. We asked Roche #FiveQuickQuestions ahead of the final performance in Project Arts Centre tonight. 

1. Describe Wrongheaded in 5 words.

Raw. Fast. Feminine. Challenging. Strong.

2. How did the piece come into being?

I wanted to work with spoken word poetry so a friend put me in touch with Elaine Feeney. We met and talked and then I asked Elaine to write the poem which is about attitudes around the body, particularly women’s bodies in Ireland and the emotional and physical distress that has been caused over many years and continues today. I was working with dancers Sarah Cerneaux and Justine Cooper to make the choreography and I also asked Mary Wycherley to then respond to the poem and the choreography and make a film.

3. What has been the most challenging part about making Wrongheaded?

The subject we are exploring is challenging and the many conversations that we had and stories that we shared during the creative process were upsetting at times. Also bringing it all together in the theatre is always challenging (though in a good way) – and in the performance the dancers work very hard.

4. What do you want audience members to take away from the performance?

I would like the audience to take a moment and think about the subject we are exploring in this piece. The current situation for women in Ireland around abortion rights is not satisfactory and there is always a fear that the issue will get sidelined. Wrongheaded can be quite an uncomfortable experience for the audience. But for me this is when it is most important to be brave and stick with it.

5. Are there any other shows you’re hoping to see at Tiger Dublin Fringe?

I'm hoping to catch Aoife McAtamney's Age of Transition at the Peacock this evening and I heard that Glowworm by Umbrella Theatre Project is a great so I'll try and get to that. I also want to see To Hell in a Handbag by Helen Norton and Jonathan White and if I can get a ticket, RIOT by THISISPOPBABY.

FRINGE NOW: Liz Roche's Wrongheaded runs as part of a double bill alongside Oona Doherty's Hope Hunt and tickets are available from €14 here

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