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Introducing NEIGHBOURS: International Disruptions from Fringe and Project

14 June 2017

MDLSX by MOTUS from ALBAMADA on Vimeo.

Dublin Fringe Festival and Project Arts Centre have long been kindred spirits, bringing brave and bold work to our stages. Work that you won’t find anywhere else. We offer the unexpected, the wild and the wonderful. In 2017, we’re joining forces to present two phenomenal international shows. The idea behind NEIGHBOURS is to connect Dublin arts-goers and artists with our counterparts abroad – to make better neighbours out of the artists and organisations who share a love for mind-blowing, life-affirming, astonishing and boundary pushing performance.

MDLSX is a show that defies classification. A head-spinning theatrical trip: part performance-art, part DJ set, part erotic floorshow. It’s a visually ravishing, confronting, empowering hymn to androgyny. Motus have been described as “revolutionary” by The New York Times. 

Like a great band, they have evolved an aesthetic as ground-breaking theatre makers. Directors Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Francesconi Nicolò have been working together since 1991 and with performer Silvia Calderoni (she is like mercury on stage – a STUNNING, mesmerising performer) for over ten years. That commitment and teamwork makes for stunning visuals and completely breath-taking moments of theatre.

It’s fluorescent, sumptuous, powerful; it’s a provocation to perceptions of gender and entirely unlike anything we see made here at home. Book here.

Triple Threat is a jaw-dropping, joyous retelling of the New Testament by Lucy McCormick and her Girl Squad (of boys in hot pants). Coming to us from London, the show was a stand-out hit at 2016’s Edinburgh Fringe. Mischievous, badass and utterly unmissable, this is the one that everyone will be talking about. In a nation where women’s bodies are a political battleground, Lucy McCormick is the apparition we want to see.

An eye-watering extravaganza of egomania; subversive and endlessly surprising with a deadly sense of humour at its core.  A performance maker of astonishing power, insight and wit, McCormick has the ability to mercilessly pummel taboos while banging out pop-classics. It’s a messy, irreverent and exhilarating show unlike any other. Book here.

Triple Threat star Lucy McCormick will present a workshop at DanceHouse on 21 September. For more information click here.

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