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What have we done since #WakingTheFeminists began?

14 November 2016

What have we done since #WakingTheFeminists began?

We’ve self-assessed and spoken up. Looking hard at the representation of women in Irish performing arts is now a constant on Fringe’s agenda. At the same time, we’re watching representation of race, of culture, of ethnicity, of artists with disability, and of class.  We’ve advocated for an inclusion of gender identities other than male and female in all our conversations about equality. This includes trans, questioning, intergender, non-binary, and other gender identities. 

We’re keeping track. We're a multidisciplinary festival. At Fringe, projects are lead by artists of all disciplines. We are identifying and implementing a way of record keeping and counting gender diversity that truly and accurately reflects how we interact with creative leaders; artists, curators, impresarios, producers and directors from a range of working practices and artistic discipline across all of our work.

We’ve declared our intentions. We’ve made the implicit ‘Fringe is for everyone spirit’ explicit. We’ve stated our commitment to diversity in our call out for applications and formalised it as an important criteria for festival programming. We’re advancing it in every way we can.

What is our one more thing?

A rallying call. To all radicals, visionaries, dreamers, rebels, newbies and big mouths of all gender identities, races, class, background, training and potential – you are welcome at Fringe. We want your outrageous, your clarion calls, your shimmering visions, your artistic excellence, your nasty and your cold hard truths.

We will amplify your voices, we’ll spotlight you on our stages, and we’ll help you make your mark.

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